Bangkok Airways Inflight Magazine

Recently, founder KK spoke to a journalist from Fah Thai magazine – the inflight magazine of Bangkok Airways – about his past, where Tiny Toones came from and the importance of having a place like Tiny Toones in a city like Phnom Penh.

The article will feature in the Fah Thai magazine on planes for 2 months and there is a very nifty electronic version of the magazine so you can check it out without having to catch a plane.

Note: Credit to Stuart Isett for the last 2 photos in the article.

Christian Science Monitor

Recently, some of the Tiny Toones staff were interviewed and featured in a news article published by the Christian Science Monitor. Founder KK and General Manager Shhort spoke to the CSM reporter about the Tiny Toones program, the challenges, the successes and about making a difference in the lives of children and young people in Cambodia.

Tiny Toones Album Review – The Advisor, April/May 2013

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In March 2013 Tiny Toones released the new album ‘Anakut.’

Phnom Penh’s arts and entertainment weekly paper, ‘the Advisor,’ came to visit the Tiny Toones center to interview the twelve children (aged 12 to 19) involved in the album’s creation. They also spoke to DJ Voch – music teacher and resident DJ who created the backing tracks for the album – and General Manager Shhort for their article.

‘Anakut’ translates to ‘the future’ in English, and this sets the mood of the record with the children writing lyrics about their hopes and dreams for their futures and the future of Cambodia.

Pacific Scoop, New Zealand

Tiny Toones featured in this Pacific Scoop article from New Zealand.

‘Dancing Cambodian street kids share stories with Auckland youth’

Auckland City Harbour News

During our tour of New Zealand, Tiny Toones featured in an Auckland City Harbour News article.

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