September Dance School Challenge

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Last year, 119 generous donors helped us achieve our goal of raising $5,230 and the difference this money has made to the children of Tiny Toones is immeasurable. Almost 1,000 children have come to the centre since, to dance, to enjoy learning and just to have fun.

It is estimated that over 20,000 young people live and/or work on the streets of Cambodia. While 39% of children aged 5-14 are involved in child labor, only one in three stay in school beyond primary level. Poverty, homelessness and health issues are all rampant and it is these school age children who suffer the most. Without an education young Cambodians are at risk of becoming caught in a vicious cycle of poverty.

This is where Tiny Toones comes in. Every day, 200 children from some of the poorest neighborhoods and slum areas in Phnom Penh come to the Tiny Toones centre. We provide a safe environment for children to play, learn languages, gain dance and music production skills and stay safe from exploitation and child labor. We also make sure to teach values like respect, co-operation and the importance of living a healthy and drug free life.

We provide these services (as well as transportation to and from the centre) free of charge every day, but unfortunately it does cost money to run an organization and we rely on public support to keep the Tiny Toones centre open.

This year we need to raise at least $4,000 so that Tiny Toones can continue. Every  donation really does make a huge difference and you can also have fun helping us to raise money and raise awareness. Last year people raised money by:

  • Riding a bike 150km from Phnom Penh to Kep
  • Having an awful movie marathon
  • Throwing a party and taking ticket money as a donation

There are a whole host of ideas available for inspiration here, but anything is possible and we love creativity and we would love to help. If you would like to discuss an idea or get more information please contact us

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