Beaver’s Story

“Before I came to Tiny Toones I was always rebelling against my family and my school and was getting into trouble. I even dropped out of school at the beginning of grade 12.” – Beaver



Beaver admits that before he became part of Tiny Toones he used to associate with a bad crowd and get into trouble. Beaver was first drawn to Tiny Toones by his love of rap music. He initially studied in the DJ class before progressing to writing lyrics and rapping.

“It gave me a focus and a different outlet. In Cambodia we are taught to suppress our feelings and never talk about things, we keep it all inside until we feel like we are going crazy. That’s what happened to me before I learnt to use lyric writing and rapping as a way of expressing myself.”

Inspired by the hip-hop he loves, Beaver has been learning English and even incorporated English into his rapping on occasion. He enrolled onto a University course in English with a scholarship from Tiny Toones. He has already come top of his class on a number of occasions.

“I want to be a positive role model for other children and show how music can empower people to strive for a better future.”

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