Tiny Toones would like to thank the following organisations for their support:

The Asian Community Trust (ACT) helped fund our Peer Mentoring Program over three years.

The Global Fund for Children assisted with core funding and in the start-up and launch of The Cool Lounge.

Entrance funded our Scholarship Program for two years.

The Toyota Foundation supported out Girls Empowerment project.

The Prince Claus Fund supported the production and release of our 2013 album ‘Anakut’.

Australian Volunteers International (AVI) assisted with funding and provided a volunteer to help develop our programs.

The World Childhood Foundation supported our 2014 Step-up project.

The David Young Choe Foundation have supported us with core funding and David has visited the centre himself and produced an original piece of art for our kids.

The McKnight Foundation have assisted with core funding for our work at Tiny Toones.

The Women’s International Group of Cambodia funded redecoration and supplies for our classrooms.

Foundation Umverteilen! Stiftung für eine, solidarische Welt, Berlin, Germany supported the “Hip Hop/Youth Center”

If you are interested in partnering with Tiny Toones then please contact us.


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