“I am so grateful to have been shown the right direction. Honestly, if it wasn’t for Tiny Toones, I would still be doing bad things or be in prison”

Homie, Tiny Toones Teacher

Tiny Toones is a registered charity and receives no statutory funding. We rely on your donations to enable us to continue to engage, inspire and educate some of the poorest children in Phnom Penh. Any amount, big or small makes a huge difference to the children that use our centre each day.


To make a donation that can change lives today please visit our Global Giving webpage.

How you can help:

$10 will pay for a one hour dance class for 20 children

$30 will pay for one child to attend Tiny Toones for a month

$50 will pay for transport for 10 children to attend Tiny Toones for a month

$150 will pay the salary of one of our dance teachers for a month

$350 will pay for the equipment and supplies for our dance classes for a whole year

$1,000 will pay the rent on our centre for a month

$10,000 will buy us a new van so we can help more kids access Tiny Toones

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