Diamond’s Story

“Tiny Toones saved my life. I was so lonely on the street. When kids get sick, they have their parents to take care of them. When I was sick, I had no-one.” – Diamond

Following the death of her father and a breakdown in relationship with her mother Diamond went to live on the street. She had to support herself which led her to selling noodles, selling chicken and even security jobs.

Then she found Tiny Toones. She had been dancing since she was little and could hardly believe there was someone teaching street kids how to break-dance. Her ability and hard work led her to become the first female peer teacher at Tiny Toones.

She now runs the break-dancing class for girls, the introduction of which has resulted in more girls than ever before taking part in Tiny Toones’ Creative Program.

“I teach these kids how to dance. But I also teach them to be strong. Even though their lives are hard, I tell them they can each find their own way. For my future? When I was a kid, my dream was to teach dance. This is my future. Because of Tiny Toones I am living my dream.”

Check out Diamond talking about her life and how Tiny Toones changed everything.

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