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And The Winners Are …

And the winners are ….Bboy Suicide and Bboy Freeze!
Suicide and Freeze, who are both Tiny Toones alumni, just WON the Breaking Battle at the IFC –  Institut Francois Cambodge in Phnom Penh. This was a really big competition with some incredible breakdancers. Their skill and raw talent saw them take it over the line. We could not be more proud of the dedication, resilience and perseverance of these two shining role models and dancers.
And as if the prestige and recognition is not enough, their prize, as outlined by the IFC is that, “They are going to France in October for two weeks as well as participate in the Trophy Masters Competition in Toulouse…. The Trophy Masters Competition will be amazing, breakdancers from all around the world will be there to compete.”
This is incredible exciting news for the boys and also for Tiny Toones centre. We are always so thrilled to see our kids thrive and to show the young ones, the next generation, that anything is possible.
What we (the Board of Directors) love most about this? Well there is SO much to love about this, but … the very first thing that these two boys, or we should say, young men, did was drive with DJ Kdep (a famous local DJ and also Tiny Toones alumni) straight to KK’s house to share the news and celebrate with him.
A huge congratulations goes out to Bboy Suicide and Bboy Freeze and best of luck for France.

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