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From Norway with love – Tiny Toones wins support of Kavli Trust

Tiny Toones is delighted to announce that it has secured a grant from Norway’s Kavli Trust which has the potential to transform its work bringing education to Cambodia’s most disadvantaged children. The year long grant will be invested in Tiny Toones’ vital infrastructure, namely its education centre and its transport services, enabling the organization to provide a safe and supportive environment for children to learn, and the means by which to transport them from some of the most deprived slum areas of Phnom Penh.

“We’re always amazed when people or organisations from so far away see our work, value it, and want to support us,” said Tuy “Kay Kay” Sobil, Tiny Toones founder. “What makes this grant so important for us is that it makes the foundations of Tiny Toones stronger. Without our centre or our transport, we can’t do anything. With them in place, we can do so much. Now the small team here can focus our energy on improving the kids’ education, giving them a better chance at escaping the poverty they and their families are trapped in.”

Indeed, the grant comes in the year when Tiny Toones marks its tenth anniversary of running a centre where kids from disadvantaged backgrounds can come to be safe, be creative and be educated. Having a centre has been crucial to Tiny Toones’ successes, but is difficult to fundraise for through traditional means – infrastructure is not typically exciting for individual donors, even though it is crucial to NGOs. That challenge is why Kavli’s support will have such an impact, freeing Tiny Toones from a funding stress that has taken huge amounts of valuable management time away from core creative and educational work.

A small portion of the grant will also be invested into Tiny Toones’ fundraising capacity, providing a path towards greater future financial sustainability. All of this means that the organisation will now be able to focus on its development into a new era of excellence, sustainability and forward-thinking.

“We are a very small NGO with a very small budget compared to others, but there is nothing small about our results,” added Sobil. “That means that Kavli’s investment will have a transformative impact on us as an organization, on our staff and most of all on our entire community of children.”

To learn more about the grant and about the wonderful Kavli Trust, please go here.

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