Tiny Toones Teachers: Diamond’s Story

Diamond was Cambodia’s first B-girl¬†before coming back to teaach with us and help other kids to fulfill their dreams.

Tiny Toones Teachers: A Fresh Start

Fresh has been with Tiny Toones since the beginning and is now teaching dance to our kids. This video is his story.

Film by Fergus Dingle (
With thanks to Nabil Ouelhadj and Racines Carrees Company with “Carnet de Voyage”

Tiny Toones Teachers: Voch’s Story

Voch went from hating his life to producing the Tiny Toones album ‘Anakut’ and now he’s inspiring a new generation.¬†Check out his story in this video.

Tiny Toones Perform ‘Carnet de Voyage’ at Chenla Theater

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In October 2012 Tiny Toones dancers returned to the Chenla Theater in Phnom Penh to perform ‘Carnet de Voyage’ in collaboration with French choreographer Nabil Ouelhadj and French dance company Racines Carrees.

Tiny Toones Dramatic Performance in New Zealand

Excerpts from Tiny Toones full-length show taken from a performance in Auckland, New Zealand. Through dance and music the Tiny Toones performers depict the recent history of Cambodia and tell their own personal stories.

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