Month: October 2009

Raphael and Storm (Germany)

In 2009 Cambodia held its first ever hip hop festival. Tiny Toones were a prominent feature of ‘Phnom Penh Hip Hop’.

Tiny Toones were privileged to have met with hip hop dancers and choreographers Sebastien from France, Raphael and Storm from Germany during work shops.

For Alain Arnaudet, director of the French Cultural Centre in Cambodia, one of the festival’s aims is to give Cambodian dancers an opportunity to perform with some of the best hip hop dancers in the world. “Tiny Toones [the first hip hop youth centre of Cambodia] is very active in hip hop culture, but their dancers could learn more from international dancers, and how to build choreography,” Alain says. They (20 Tiny Toones dancers) will be taking part in a workshop with renowned German hip hoppers ‘Raphael’ (Raphael Hillebrand) and ‘Storm’ (Niels Robitzky) before showing off their skills at the Chenla Theatre. (Cambodia Asia Life. 4 May 2009)

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