Goodbye 2017, hello 2018

2017 is almost over and that means it’s time for us to say a heartfelt thank you to everyone who has supported us this year. That might mean checking in on this website, spreading the word about our work via Facebook, or donating.

As anyone who has visited us will know, we are a very small NGO with a small budget and a small team, but there’s nothing small about our work. Every day around a hundred kids come through our door, kids who have been driven by extreme poverty to either work from a young age or dragged towards a life of gangs, drugs and crime. At our center, they find sanctuary and schooling.

Because of individual donors we were able to pay our rent and our teachers and keep offering these lifeline services to some of Cambodia’s most disadvantaged kids.

If you donated, this is what your money meant to these children. We were able to help around 1,500 kids in 2017. Around two new students joined us every week, 90% of students attended every day, and 92% said they now felt motivated to learn, often for the first time in their lives. Even more importantly, 61% were also going to public school every day, meaning they are on track to a full education and the possibility of a bright future.

We’re talking about kids like 11 year old Lan, whose desperately poor family had been driven out of their countryside home when she was 8. She spent the next 3 years in Phnom Penh’s slums, being rejected by NGOs her family asked to educate her. On 18th October she arrived at Tiny Toones for her first day at school and began learning. “Thank you for allowing me to study,” she said in that first week. “I don’t want to leave.” Not only is she still with us, but she’s one of 384 children receiving support and counselling through our peer mentoring programme, kids who’ve been through terrible trauma or still face appalling family circumstances.

Which brings us to 2018. In the coming year we want to reach more kids, and improve the education we offer to them. We want to increase the number who feel able to return to public school, and see more students go on to university.

If you can help us again over the next year we’d be incredibly grateful. We’ve just launched our new fundraising drive for 2018. Just $10 pays an inspiring teacher for a whole day. $30 provides a whole month of education, including dance, to one of our kids. Starting the year with a good fundraising drive will free up our small team’s time to focus on improving the lives of these kids rather than fighting for every cent. You can find out more about our plans at US readers, remember: donations made before 31st December are tax deductible!

But if you aren’t in a financial position to support us again, we completely understand. The most important thing we want you to know is that your support in 2017 really made a difference, and that we are very grateful for it.

A very happy 2018 to you, you deserve it.

Tiny Toones 2016 Annual Report

2016 was another huge year for us here at Tiny Toones. As well as continuing to support our kids at our Chbar Ampov centre, 2016 saw the launch of the Cool Lounge.

You can read all about it along with all our other news in our Annual Report 2016.

New Year, New Website & New Direction!

Welcome to our new website!

It’s been a while since we’ve updated you on what’s going on here at Tiny Toones but we’re still working as hard as ever in our Chbar Ampov centre. We currently have over 100 kids attending daily and with the help of their inspirational teachers, they’re continuing to develop their dancing and academic skills whilst most importantly, still having fun doing it.

We’re also proud to say that we continue to help our kids through our scholarship program. This has enabled us to support them in accessing the public school system, some of them for the first time, and they’re now working hard towards a brighter future.

These are exciting times for us as July 2016 saw the opening of our new social enterprise, The Cool Lounge in the Russian Market area of Phnom Penh. This is a food and drinks venue staffed by former Tiny Toones students and includes recording and dance studios on the first floor.  Tiny Toones would like to say a big thank you to the Global Fund for Children, without their funding and support we wouldn’t have been able to make The Cool Lounge a reality.

Soon we will be launching hip-hop dance classes for the general public here so keep your eyes on the website for more information. Profits from The Cool Lounge will help to sustain our work here at Tiny Toones. If you’re in town we’d love it if you come down to see us, check out our Facebook page for more information.

We continue to be humbled by the support we receive from around the world.  We were recently contacted by Alex Ciuro, a student from the UK who has been inspired by the work we are doing at Tiny Toones.  Alex took part in the Siem Riep half marathon on December 4th and is donating all of his sponsorship money to Tiny Toones.  Once he’s had a well-earned rest, Alex will update us all here on how he got on.

As ever, we’d like to thank you all for your continued support of the work that we do at Tiny Toones, we couldn’t do it without you.

We would also like to give special thanks to Stephane Ellis, our talented web designer from Vendelis who volunteered his time to help build the website. We couldn’t have done it without him.

Please take some time to look around the site and if you have any feedback, do let us know.

Jeremie Lusseau visits Tiny Toones

Tiny Toones were recently visited by professional photographer Jeremie Lusseau.

Jeremie got a glimpse of life here at Tiny Toones and produced some stunning images of our students.

Beeside Donations

There was a special surprise at Tiny Toones today as BeeSide from Long Beach, California came to our centre today with food, drink and bags for each of our kids. These were donated by BeeSide and their supporters and we’re very grateful for their support. Thanks to their generosity, the kids went home full and happy!

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