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Phnom Penh Post, April 2011

Our unique approach to working with at-risk children is covered by the Phnom Penh Post in this article.

Tiny Toones Album Release Party

The Generation Z album release party was the culmination of months of work put in by the youth to produce the beats and write their own raps. This short video highlights some of the antics that took place that night.

A special thank you to everyone that showed up to support that night as well as Meta House for hosting our event and RMA Asia and Ford for sponsoring it.

TEDx Phnom Penh 2011 Tiny Toones & Romi Grossberg Dance Your Life Around

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Tiny Toones presented at Tedx Phnom Penh in 2011. This video features our founder KK, General Manager Romi Grossberg and a performance by Tiny Toones students and teachers.

Tiny Toones Promotional Video 2009

Video from 2009 when Tiny Toones was supported by Bridges Across Borders Cambodia showing the teachers and students in action. The following year Tiny Toones became a registered NGO in its own right.

Diplo and Major Lazer

In 2010 Diplo and Major Lazer visited the music department of Tiny Toones for the first time – and not the last!

Dj’ing, MC’ing and music production, Tiny Toones were lucky to have learnt a range of skills from the pair.  Not only did the guys get to learn, work shop and freestlye with them, but they even performed on stage together.

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