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Time Magazine

Time Magazine have published this article about KK and other deportees..

Hydro and Tech 12 (USA)

In 2009 Hydro and Tech 12 came to visit Tiny Toones. As renowned DJ’s and MC’s they have a great set of skills to pass on to our guys in the music department. They have work-shopped with the guys in making sounds and rapping, mixing and dj’ing. They were also kind enough to donate some dj needles, something that cannot be bought in Cambodia.

They have visited since a number of times and always make sure they visit Tiny Toones. On one visit, Hydro teamed up with Akil (Jurassic 5) and Eddie (resident DJ at Pontoon in Phnom Penh).

New York Times

KK’s story is covered here in the New York Times.

Seattle Pi

This article from the Seattle Pi focuses on KK’s story and that of other Cambodian-Americans who are working to help Tiny Toones.

Asia Sentinel

The Asia Sentinel have published this article about Tiny Toones.

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